Support for Education & Basic Essentials

Support for Education

  • Collect funds for the education of underprivileged kids for School fees, books & dresses.
  • Help in setting up schools or providing basic amenities for underprivileged schools by getting it done from others or donating from trust.
  • Setup Books, Toys & Other Essential Points for underprivileged kids & family below poverty line.
    • Underprivileged kids don’t have all these for them. We as a trust can collect these toys, books, etc. from various families and help them either by donating them or by opening the libraries from where the kids can either use it for free or pay a minor cost.
    • Kids can also be provided by school & college books
  • Programs for women & elderly

Support for Basic Essentials

  • Setup Other Essential Points for underprivileged kids & family below poverty line
    • Medicines can be provided to needy
    • Can connect with banks and insurance companies for better medical facilities and insurances for poor
  • Help the needy with various other activities by getting them bank accounts, etc
  • Groceries & Eatables
  • Help hotels and restaurants to serve the food left at the end of day to be shared with needy. Put fridges outside by getting it donated.
  • Connect with local government bodies to get basis amenities in localities like parks, open gyms, toilets, schools, etc.